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This is an Ordering Cycle.

These Bulk Food items are NOT currently in stock. For food that is IN STOCK please go here


Deadline to order is Mon, February 29, 2016, 9 AM EST.

Details for this CURRENT Bulk Cycle:

  • Ordering Opens Mon, February 15th, 2016.

  • Deadline to order is Mon, February 29th, 2016, 9 AM EST.

  • Shipped Orders Will be Emailed Your Tracking Number

  • Wed March 9th, You will be Emailed Your Appointed Place/Date for Pick Up Orders

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    Here's how it works:   When you order bulk foods with us, we place your order along with our inventory order with our suppliers. This allows us to offer you a greatly reduced cost from the retail price. We have a minimum weight for the trucks to deliver - so we're happy add your bulk order to their shipment.

    Local pick up:    See our Map Below.  Current up points () are available in Clyde, Black Mountain, Asheville, Weaverville, Mars Hill & Burnsville NC. 

    Members of the WNC Preparedness Group can use their code to receive a 5% discount and pick up at one of the monthly meetings.

    We are expanding into other areas of WNC & TN!  New potential pick up points () will depend upon the number of orders in the area.

    Shipping:   Shipping is available. If you prefer that for your convenience or you live outside of the current up points (), please select for your order to be shipped before checking out.

    Payment:   Payment is to be made when you place the order. You may select to pay via check/money order provided payment arrives prior to the order deadline. Sorry - No COD orders. 

    Delivery Fees:   There no pick up fee for orders totalling over $150.00 and only a small pickup fee for orders under that amount. Sign up for our Newsletter for more information about new pick up points.

    Delivery:   When you order, you select where you want to pick up. We will email you all of the appointed times for each the delivery points. You just reply by a given deadline at which point you will meet us. Someone other than you can pick up your order. If you miss a delivery, we may try to deliver at another time over the next couple of weeks.
    Refunds:   Refunds will be given for damaged or back ordered goods. Refunds will be given if we do not make the minimum weight and are unable to place your order.  Due to safe food handling laws, NO Refunds can be given for food once it has arrived to us or has been delivered to you. 
    Need Something You Don't Find Here?:   We have access to thousands of products in Bulk. If you need something but don't see it, please email us ( well before the deadline date and let us assist you.


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